We are NHS Reservists. We are ready to step up.

Currently closed to new registrations - but visit the Our People page for more information on how to step up.

Are you interested in joining the NHS—but aren’t sure where to start?

Maybe you’re a student looking to gain work experience around your education—or a retired person, or former NHS worker looking to keep a hand in.

Or perhaps you’d just like to support the NHS in times of need around your other work, study, or family commitments.

The NHS Reservists Programme might be for you.

So, what is an NHS Reservist?

A Reservist is someone who works to support the NHS in times of emergency or general pressure. Reservists commit approximately 30 days a year to their work with the NHS (though they're welcome to do more) - so it’s ideal for anyone who'd like to explore the possibility of an NHS career without committing to anything long-term.

Of course, you don’t have to be looking to enhance your career prospects to become a Reservist. You might be a retired worker or a former NHS employee who'd just like the opportunity to support the NHS in times of need without committing to a full-time career.

As part of the NHS Reservists scheme, you’ll be part of a paid, flexible workforce – working with passionate healthcare professionals across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

It’s a great balance between employment stability and personal flexibility, so it’s a fantastic way to supplement your current career, or to explore something completely new.

You don’t need any prior health and care experience to become a Reservist, so anyone can give it a go.

Medical Students
Young People
Retired People

Who can become an NHS Reservist?

Anyone can apply to become an NHS Reservist – and the programme’s flexibility makes it a great opportunity for people such as:

Medical Students – Maybe you’re looking to experience different areas of the health and care sector during your studies, so that you can choose the career which is right for you. The Reservists scheme is a great fit for this, as it’s perfectly manageable and flexible alongside your studies, and it allows you to gather valuable experience for future job applications. It’s also a fantastic way to get your foot in the door if you would like to pursue a career with the NHS once you’ve finished your education.

Retired Workers – Perhaps you’d like to enjoy your retirement and maintain a lifestyle where you can book holidays and spend your time as you please, but you’d still like the opportunity to be part of a friendly team and to support the NHS in times of need. The Reservists Scheme is a great way to do this – and you don’t need any past experience in health and care to make a difference.

Young People – If you’re studying for your A-Levels and considering a career in healthcare, becoming a Reservist allows you to experience the roles you’re interested in, whilst still having the time to study. This could really help you to make an informed degree choice grounded in real experience, as well as giving you work experience to put on any future references or applications.

Full-Time Workers – If you’re employed full-time, but are looking to supplement your current income, or seize the opportunity to try something different alongside and to learn new skills, the Reservists scheme is ideal for you – with only 30 days commitment required each year.

Former NHS Employees – If you’ve previously left the NHS, but would still like to support the health service and maintain your connections with us, becoming a Reservist is a great way to do so—and can also be a way to ease back in, if you’re considering a longer-term return.

Unemployed People – Perhaps you’ve recently been made redundant, or are between careers unsure of what your next steps might be. Becoming an NHS Reservist is a great way to search for a new role and to explore a new field, giving you stability in your role as a Reservist, while allowing you to explore other fields and pathways in your job search.

Career-Changers – Maybe you’re busy in your current job, but have found yourself searching for something more fulfilling. By joining the NHS Reservists, you’ll be able to explore the possibility of working in healthcare without compromising your present career journey. It's a unique way to explore a new career path, without disrupting the one you’re already on.

When you join the reservists, the NHS will provide you with the relevant training for the roles you’ll take on, so it’s a fantastic way to build your qualifications and knowledge, as well as building a prolific network of connections and contacts.

So now the question is... why not give it a try?


How to apply

The NHS Reservists programme is currently closed to new applications - but you can visit the Our People page to find other opportunities to join us.