Published on: 22 April 2024

From Monday 22 April, the COVID-19 Spring Booster jab is available to those who are eligible in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 

Health bosses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire are urging people in the two counties to get the latest dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s part the Spring booster programme that begins on Monday 22 April.  

Those eligible for the booster are: people who 75 or over (including those who turn 75 years old by June 30 2024), residents in care homes, and anyone aged 6 months or over that has a weakened immune system.  

The current vaccines provide good protection against severe disease, hospitalisation and can protect those most vulnerable. In fact, the UK Health Security Agency data shows on last spring’s booster programme showed that those who received the vaccine were around 50% less likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid-19, compared to those who didn’t have one. 

You don’t need to wait to be invited for an appointment- just check your eligibility and book online here:  

Book, cancel or change a COVID-19 vaccination appointment - NHS (  


Dr Will Taylor, Chief Medical Officer for NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire says: 

“We may be a couple of years removed from the Coronavirus Pandemic, but Covid-19 is still with us, and still has the potential to put lives at risk. It’s important not to be complacent, and protect those in the two Couties who are most vulnerable and susceptible to illness. The best way to do that is to have the Covid19 vaccination booster. Those who are 75 or over, residents in care homes, and anyone who’s immunosuppressed and at least six months old are eligible for the vaccination.  

Don’t wait for an invitation from a GP or other NHS services. Book yourself an appointment today.”